Full Hour Consultation

Full Hour Consultation


Parenting is a fun and adventurous experience. Watching our children grow and learn is priceless and brings smiles to our faces daily. I’m also very aware that some days are smoother than others.

Wearing my Mommy hat and Early Childhood
Educator hat I would love to help you with the
challenges that arise from time to time with
our children.

New transitions and schedules are always on the horizons and could affect our children’s mood and behavior.

Eventually, this could lead to affecting their bedtime routines. This could mean less sleep for the whole family.

Proper rest is needed for our children’s brain activity to grow and stay healthy. Lack of sleep will cause the following in children:
• Tiredness
• Crankiness
• Unable to concentrate
• Hard to follow instructions

By proactively assisting children through behavioral challenges, we help build the following in our children:
• Academic Strength
• Social skills
• Self-confidence
• Emotional Growth

Consistency is the key to helping our children through these challenges. Collaboratively, we will design a Developmentally Appropriate plan of action that you will be able to implement right away.

Let’s work together to help your child reach his/her full potential.

• How to develop strategies to manage challenging behavior, and tantrums
• How to implement nighttime routines, and manage nighttime fears for your children
• How to be consistent and get advice on an existing plan you have in motion.

Let me assist you with those plans, or let’s partner up together to develop a new one.

*30 free minutes included
*Plan to implement right away for 3 weeks
*Email support throughout the 3 weeks
*Downloadable PDF Guide to track and assist with the process
*20 min Follow-up call discussing how the plan is working after 3 weeks

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