Working With Children With Special Needs

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This topic was suggested by a parent whose child has recently been diagnosed as being Autistic. He takes medication to help him focus and function on a daily basis.

  • When you have a child with special needs how do we handle them as parents, nannies, or caregivers?
  • What should we do to make their lives easier as well as ours?  Where is the support?
  • Families may often ask themselves why, or how did this happen? We sometimes feel guilty or, unsure about the reasons behind it.

Sometimes early signs emerges in a child's development that can help our children early on. There may be emotional steps in acceptance that families experience. ( This is normal.)

In the Early Childhood Field we recognize that everyone has special needs. No matter great or small. Finding out how to deal with such needs and trying to meet them each day is the key. Striving to balance those two is necessary to help children succeed the best way they can. Focusing on praising your child each day for accomplishments will encourage and empower your child to want to do more and be successful everyday. Takes patience, love, and time to help a child with Special Needs each and everyday.

Connecting to groups, and organizations in your community for your child's disability will help your child, and your family as a whole.

The little guy pictured above name is Jurele and will be participating in a program called Best Buddies with Cleveland Cavs Basketball Player Kyrie Irving on Saturday September 24, 2016.



If you're in the Cleveland, Ohio area please join in for this great cause.  Donations and pledges are being accepted for this great cause online at Best Buddies with Kyrie Irving.   Please pledge, or donate for team Jurele.  Thank you in advance for your help in this cause, or any causes you are involved in your city!  (Note: This Best Buddies Walk Program is in many cities across the United States.)

Thank you again for reading this post!  Would love to hear about your experience with children and disabilities!  Please continue to subscribe, comment and share!  Gracias!

Working With Children With Special Needs Part Two!

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