What's The Connection With Therapy Dogs and Children With Special Needs?

Hola!!!Como estan todos!!! I know by now many of my amigos know that I love dogs!  They offer such a great companionship....they are the gift that keeps on giving!  I am writing this post because a parent wanted to know more about the connection between a therapy dog and children with special needs.

Real quick what is a therapy dog?  A therapy dog is a dog that has been through special training. They have passed a series of tests, and has obtained a license certificate for his/her specialty in therapy work.  They have the ability to assist children and even adults.

Some examples of their work are: they help influence the health and well-being in our children's lives, motivate children with language, and cognitive skills, assist children to stay calm and relaxed, improve social interactions for children, and of course they become an extension of the child for comforting reasons and much, much more!!  They are very special animals and bring a ton of joy to everyone!  I happen to know a therapy dog he is truly special....love you Bo!!!!!!




Thank you for reading!  Special thanks to Deb for her question, and the owner of Bo for his picture! Don't forget to subscribe, comment, and always share! Muchas Gracias!!

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Dear Parents: A Letter To You Sincerely....Mrs. Shauna Happy Sprinkles!

Dear Parents: A Letter To You Sincerely....Mrs. Shauna Happy Sprinkles!

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