What Type of Dress code Do You Think Nannies Should Have?

What Type of Dress code Do You Think Nannies Should Have?

Hola! The question of the day have been debated for years.

When we interview with families we often want to push forth our best effort, and dress in casual interview attire.  Yet, we know that working with children we may wear something totally different from the interview.

I know for myself I try to stick as close to my interview dressing as possible with my day to day clothing style when I work with children.  I like to wear fun relax clothing all the time.  I found that with the difference in the shoe I choose to wear can change my attire from interview ready to ready to work with children.  The shoe alone could change the look and attitude I'm trying to establish at the time.  I want my potential employer to feel comfortable with my overall look, and it could be the difference in landing that nanny position.  (Especially if they are choosing between several nanny candidates.)

Many families don't want to talk about dress attire hoping that their potential nanny understands what's appropriate.  They also don't want to feel like they're overstepping with this topic.  Some families have given uniforms for their nannies to work in as part of their nannies responsibility.  Then there are families in which this is not an issue for them at all.

Our appearance is more then just for ourselves when we work with families.  We actually represent the family every where we go.  While, at the same time our days are so busy that dressing in our style of clothing is a way to somewhat feel, and be ourselves in our nanny role.

What do you think about nannies attire and should they have a dress code to abide by?