To Contract Or Not To Contract Between Families And Nannies That Is The Question?

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Thank you for following this journey on creating positive bonds between Families and Nannies!  I am very passionate on this topic, and it all boils down to one thing for me.  CHILDCARE!  The reason for the relationship in the first place.  Childcare along with developmentally appropriate practice will be a challenge in itself.  The relationship between the adults should begin on a good note. Clear communication, and understanding of expectations will keep the relationship in tack.

Once,  the family and nanny choose to work together the next business at hand, or usually question is do we need a contract?  In short "No."  Having paperwork in place is totally up to the family and their potential nanny.  I know many families and nannies that feel like its unnecessary to have one.  There is no right, or wrong answer to this....just preference.

I on the other hand need to enter a work relationship with one, and cannot operate without one.  I like to call it a Nanny and Family Agreement.

This form just explains the expectations from both parties, and that it may be revisited for revision.  As long as both parties are comfortable with the terms this works pretty good.  Transparency before entering in an agreement, discussions during the relationship, and talks on changes, can lead to a positive relationship throughout the work experience together.   I like to have this agreement in place prior to our first day working together.

I would love to hear comments on your experiences working with,  or without a contract and what your thoughts are.  Please post your comments, or subscribe below!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!  Gracias.