Throwback Activity for Children

  letter pic

Hola!  Buenas Tardes! (Good Afternoon)

Have you checked your mail lately???  Your physical mailbox that is???

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the artwork that is accumulating from children?  Lets face it there's only so much that can go to the office, refrigerator, or posted in their rooms Lol.  Children want to keep and cherish every piece even the one that is tore a little.  (Gotta love how they care about their work, its a thing of beauty.)

Why not mail out a few art pieces to family and friends in other states, or out of the country?  Huh? What?  Why on earth would we do such a thing?  We have email, video chats why would we go back in time?  There's nothing like teaching children how we got where we are today.  A little history before our wonderful online tools.  The sequential steps (and patience) that goes into the process of the beginning to the end result of someone receiving your child's artwork.

This is an activity that provides a short fieldtrip to the post office, takes us back in time, and puts a smile on others faces when they receive the mail.

Another idea with children's artwork is take pics of it, and create a journal or, a scrapbook of all their fondest memories!  Thanks for reading and I hope we as special adults that care for children enjoy the fieldtrip also!  If you have any other ideas on how to cherish children's artwork please post comments below and don't forget to subscribe and tell others!  Gracias! Please enjoy a couple of the art pieces below!


paint artwork


to mia artwork pic


preteen artwork


 Thanks again!