Hola!! Let's Salsa Dance Together!! One of the most powerful tool that children pocess is their imagination. Their imagination leads them to the power of belief in themselves and in others. Salsa dancing is very fun.  A few repetitive steps you, and your children will be salsa dancing in no time!

First step sounds crazy turn on some Salsa music! Listen to the beats and different rhythm.  Get yourself and the niños comfortable with the grooves.  (Adults follow your childs lead be free and relax.)  After I turned  salsa music on my girls came downstairs dressed like this!

IMAG2841_1 [39173]

Wow!  Talk about how surprised I was!  I couldn't believe how inspired they were, and I never showed them a picture of how latin dancers dress.  This was totally an expression of how they felt!  Children dive right into new advertures! One of the main reasons why I love working with them is their fearless attitudes!

Secondly, you could have the children participate with instruments!  This would give them a feel for the rhythm, twist, and turns in the song!

IMAG1312 [39178]

I have been Salsa dancing since I was a little girl,  and must say it takes practice [LOL].  The best part is having fun with it!  This is my favorite Salsa partner my husband!

my favorite salsa partner

Turn some salsa music on today!  I have one question for you GOT SALSA?

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