Dear Parents: A Letter To You Sincerely....Mrs. Shauna Happy Sprinkles!

Dear Parents: A Letter To You Sincerely....Mrs. Shauna Happy Sprinkles!

  Dear Parents:

You are doing an excellent job!!  I know with the day to day schedules and caring for our children we could get lost in our parenting role.  I cannot express to you how many times I felt off track myself as a parent. Questioning my parenting style almost daily.

Believe it, or not you hit the right target everyday with your children; without even realizing it.  I think as parents we sometimes get overly concerned about that. In my experience as a mother, and working with children as an Early Childhood Professional.... Kids are their happiest and most fulfilled when they get a few sprinkles of the following each day!  (Besides love, care, and providing the basic needs of course)



Sprinkle Each Day With The Following

  1. Have Fun, fun, fun, with them daily enjoying humorous moments together!
  2. Give special attention to their personal interest even if its an ant crawling on the floor and your toddler is excited......we really need to get excited about that (even if we dislike bugs..yikes!)
  3. HUGS, HUGS, AND MORE HUGS, no matter how old they are!
  4. Ask them questions about their day, or experiences
  5. Play, Read, or share an activity with them daily if possible.  I find that reading is a good activity before they go to bed, or have them read to you if they know how ...such a great transition at the end of the day together. Technology also allows parents that travel to call in and listen to your children read a book to you! Who knows they may even put you to sleep Lol


Love to hear what you sprinkle on your children everyday!  Please comment, subscribe, and share below!  Gracias!

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