Children's Fantastic 5 New Years Activities

Children's Fantastic 5 New Years Activities


How is everyone doing? I hope all is going well as we move right along through more beautiful holidays!!

Today I wanted to dive into the wonderful New Year that is sneaking upon us. Time to get the party started with our fantastic 5 New Year's Activities for children...... Whooooo Hooooo!!

1. D.I.Y. Party Favors

Did someone say party? Yes!!! We have to have party are a couple of fun favor DIY's !

2. New Year wins vision board

My favorite activity with children is creating a vision board together...the New Year is a perfect time for this as a family. If you missed one of my older posts on this here is a quick video sample to get started

Work together a create a personal family video for the start of the year of the wins each person wants for the future....then map out steps together how to get there.


Plan out new travel trips, or staycations that your family have never tried before skies the limit always!

Checkout these year round tips for your family from one of my favorite travel blogger.....Amanda creator of "My Sweet Beautiful Life"


I am sure your young chefs love to add their ideas, or create a new recipe together. I found these fun and easy kid friendly meatball sliders from pinterest......looks delicious.


There are so many D.I.Y. items to use to add or change a look of their rooms. Another idea is add something new to their arrangement to inspire them. Nothing like an atmosphere that screams " Winning"!!! Here are some pretty neat room ideas.


What a positive jump start for the New Year! Empowering our children with positive affirmations today, and throughout their lives. This activity could be as simple as writing down what your child will fill in the blanks of the"I am's____"

A 6 year old I know wrote beautiful, unique, and strong for herself.... she wrote down 10 of them. She loved the activity, and would recite them throughout the day on her own. She also threw in "I am a pizza" and we laughed and went with it....LOL.....the most important thing was her winning attitude.

What activities will your children enjoy for the New Year? Have you tried any of these activities above?

I hope your family have a prosperous New Year!!!

¡Gracias¡ Mrs. Shauna

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