Children and Pets!

Hola!Today I wanted to chat about children and pets. Particularly in this post puppies. Household management is definitely a challenge each day with children, and I have to chuckle a bit about adding a puppy to the mix. (I am very guilty of juggling the two).

The idea sounds so cute its hard to resist to get a puppy especially when children are very young. The dream of having them grow together is a beautiful fairytale many of us want our children to experience.

gorgeous puppy


We kind of forget the huge responsibility of caring for a puppy. Many of us time it just right where we may be potty training a toddler and housebreaking a puppy at the same time aye yai yai!! (Lol)(Yep, did that too!)

Big Puppy

Although, it is alot of work once you get through several stages with the puppy its really beautiful to see the love between children and pets. We want to find ways to introduce our children to them and teach them how to care for them.  Children will care for their puppies based on how we care for them. Taking the time to help a baby,  or child understand gentleness with any pet is a great place to start.  A few moments per day is great for the child and the pet to develop a great relationship!

another pet pic

Once the child and puppies are used to each other we could give the child a little more responsibilities like grooming, or walking their puppies.

puppy bath


puppy walk

Brrrrrrrrrrr! I Saved this pic for last my goodness I don't miss this!  Never know depending on where you live at taking puppies out in the winter is part of the care.  Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Our guidance with our children from the start would help create a positive bond between them and their pets.

What type of pet do you have around your children and how do they care for them?

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