Children and Food Allergies

Hola!  Everyone! This particular post is about working with children that have food allergies. This post came about from one of my nanny subscribers suggestions. ( Thank you Nanny C.)

One of the main threats to children are nuts, or nut products.  Nuts Look inviting at the store,  but for many children nuts could be a life or death situation.  Each child's food allergies are unique, and understanding what they are will ensure proper care for the child.

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The month of May is Food Allergy Awareness Month.  Today there are so many children with multiple food allergies.  There is an estimate that 1 of 13 children has one or more.  This is a life-threatening situation, and everyone has to be extremely careful on how to manage the child's food intake.

I once took care of a little toddler that was allergic to 13 food items. Setting up playdates and restaurant outings took a little more time to consider and plan.  I was very cautious on what she would eat and where we could eat at. Most of the time in my care I preferred to pack her own meals/snacks just to be safe at all times.  We always carried her epi pen and kept extras around the house.  When I pack my lunch and I'm around children I make a conscience effort not to carry any nuts, or nut food products with me.

I found a couple of children's books at the library that's a really fun way to explain to children what food allergies are. Hope they can help!


"The Peanut Pickle" A Story About Peanut Allergy by Jessica Jacobs.

"Horace and Morris Say Cheese (which makes Dolores sneeze!) by James Howe.

For more information: Check out this link for detail information, resource library, and updates on this very important topic.  Sarah Jessica Parker an actress shares her story and experience on her sons food allergy.  She has been an advocate and has teamed up with Anaphlaxis101.  Thank you for reading and I hope this information will be helpful for you. Have a great day!  Please post your comments, or experience with food allergies below. Gracias!