The Importance of the Nanny and Family Relationship


Welcome to!  I wanted to begin writing about the importance of the relationships between nannies, families, and of course the children. ( Unfortunately, there has been a lot of bad press regarding the relationships between nannies and families as of late.) I believe with clear expectations and communications from both the nannies, and the families a strong positive relationship will emerge.  This positive bond and memories would last for many years to come!

The decision to have nanny services as your main form of childcare is very delicate.  The relationship is close knit and has to be a seamless, transparent form of communications between all.  The children will pay close attention from the start of the dynamics and communication process with all the adults involved.  As we all know children will mimic communication styles that they observe  around them.  Many children's first bonding experiences outside their immediate family could very well be with their nanny.  The top priority of the children is unconditional love, and care.  Here are a few tips on what families should consider prior to hiring a nanny.

Families need to ask themselves a few questions before interviewing, or hiring a nanny.  Here are a few examples and tips of the types of questions you need to explore as a family. Every family will have different questions and services they are looking for.

  • What schedule will be needed for the family?  Keep in mind any extra-curricular activities you want the children to engage in.  It will all impact the schedule.  Try to visualize the needs for each day.
  • What type of days do you want your children to experience?  Would you like your children to go on fieldtrips?  What kinds of activities would you like to see them doing day to day?
  • Will your family need additional help around the house?  What particular day or time would be best for your nanny to take care of those tasks?
  • How much experience would you like your nanny to have?  Some families would like a first time nanny to grow with their family.  Others may prefer a seasoned nanny or someone whose had previous experience.  Educational background for nannies may be a choice for families.  It depends on the families personal goals and comfort level.
  • Next, what type of tools will your family be able to provide your nanny to ensure she is successful each day with the children? (An example would be when she runs errands what vehicle would she use, or will a credit card or petty cash be available for her?)
  • Lastly, will there be a recharge period each day if possible for everyone?  How will that look for the children and your nanny?  Burnout occurs quickly in this position, and its something to consider especially if your family is looking for long-term care.

Caring and nurturing the children are the top goal from everyone.  Making sure they reach their milestones each day and ensuring their personal goals are met individually, and as a family unit.  Finding the right fit to add a unique part of your family structure is crucial and is worth taking the time to research.  Together the children will enjoy the love from their family and their nanny!

Thanks for reading!  Please stop back to read topics about where to find your ideal nanny, examples of interview questions.  Nannies: tips on how to find your ideal family and interview preparations.  Gracias and have a great day!

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