Back to School Tips!!!

Hola!  Everyone! Como estan todos? ( How is everybody? ) I hope this post finds everyone, and our children well and healthy!  Back to school for our children can be a daunting task.  We already have extremely busy lives without school how on earth are we going to add school back in (Lol).

School time schedule is hectic.  Our children have been back for a few weeks now, and I'm sure we've gained a little insight (quickly) on the stressful moments.  It is our job to help minimize the stress for our children and ourselves.

I picked 3 of the most stressful times at most families households.

  1. Morning -from the bed to the car, or bus and everything in between.
  2. After school-arrival time at home
  3. Bedtime-everything leading up to this moment

My experience as a Mother, Preschool Teacher, My own Home Childcare business, and Nanny services has lead me to three key parts for survival.

*Be Organized (be organized, be organized)(Ok I promise that wasn't the 3 parts)

*Have a system in place

*Lastly, and probably most importantly BE CONSISTENT (We already offer our children the world of choices and there is nothing wrong with that.) Yet, there are times in the day where structure is needed to help our children understand what is expected of them.  When we fall in out of our expectations from our children we are merely speaking to them non-verbally that:

  • It is ok to follow directions sometimes
  • It is ok to listen when you want
  • It is ok to choose to do something else if you don't want to do this

We have to remember that our children depend on us to set the structure and boundaries to ensure they are getting everything they need in their child development to be successful today, and tomorrow.

Ok enough about what we should be doing for our children lets get to the Tips that's going to help

  •  Tip #1.......The night before, after bath, before bed (when they are procrastinating to get into the bed anyway lol)  Have them pick their clothes out.  Have them lay out 2 outfits as a limit for the older child and make it clear that those are the only choices for that day.  For the younger child that is into picking their clothes; and we want the closet to stay in tack.  Have them also pick out 2 shirts and 2 bottoms to lay out. (key make sure you are ok if they mix or match the two)  If, you have a young child that needs the freedom to choose no problem. Very normal for their development. Just insist on the number of tops, bottoms, or dresses.  Try to be right there so the room stays together with your help. (Those parents that can still pick their children clothes out WONDERFUL!!!!! Enjoy those days!!!)
  • Tip #2.......Start the bath, and bedtime routine an hour ahead of the time you would like them in the bed.  It is so important for most children to spend this time with you and rushing them through this part of day could be stressful for them....they missed us all day and now have to go to sleep.  Such fast short days in their eyes.
  • Next tip have breakfast, pm snack, and dinner put together in a menu written plan on the fridge. (Have the children help if possible so they feel like they had a say and a part of the process so important.)  All you need is two weeks the same and the next two weeks the same so really two weeks worth.  If that is too much to do at one time start with knowing what one meal of the day would be.  Again, tweak this to your family needs.  Offer two types of breakfasts each day if you child loves choice at that time....the trick is to have something in mind for yourself so you can prepare ahead of time.  (Pack lunches the night before if your child needs one.)
  • Last tip pm after school.....every household is different as far as if you want your children to relax first, then homework, snack etc.  Just have a plan that the child understand they are expected to do when they arrive from school. Homework baskets are fun, and children love to drop their paperwork from school in them. To engage your child in spending time with you if possible have a dinner plan that they could help with.  It would be a lot of fun. Also, a great transition to the bedtime routine that they dread is coming soon in the schedule.


Although, it seems like a few tips the work involved in some of them could be time consuming especially when we are tired.  After, a consistent amount of time with this the days would seem smoother, and much more fun.  We always want to care, love and nuture our children.  They love when we take the time and not feel rushed to care for them.  (I lOVE it too!!!)

Thanks for reading, and having patience with me getting this post out it has been hectic school days LOL!!!!!  Trust me I'm taking my own advice to have smoother days with children!  Take care checkout the pics below the children I care for made their breakfast the night before, and made me dinner so I could rest!  I was not allowed to get up from the kitchen table no matter how much mess they made.  When I got up they yelled "SECURITY!!!"  Too Cute!!!!


breakfast meal 2

I cooked Quaker quick oats for the girls first and sliced their fruit if they wanted.  (Quaker Oats latest container has this recipe in a mason jar I made for breakfast at home.  The girls wanted to tweak it, but of course!


breakfast 4

They layered the oats, yogurt, and their fruit choice.

breakfast meal 3



why not add a cherry on top

Why not have a cherry on top, no seriously why not! Love how children think!  Cover and refrigerate overnight waaalaaa (spell check anyone, anyone??  Ok its settled that's how I spell waaalaa lol) breakfast full of excitement served the next morning school morning that is!


Fish Dinner

My fish dinner prepared by the girls.  Checkout the flower power going on!!! I died when I saw the strawberry on the fish.  I asked for cheese and I think one of them took a bite out of it but that's ok LOL!!!!!!  Mom always said "It's The Thought That Counts!"

Please Comment, Subscribe, and Share!!!!!  Gracias!!!!!!! Would love to hear how you feel about this post and hear about tips you use to make life easier with our bundle of joys!!!!  Young bundles, or older!! Talk soon!!!!

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