How is everyone doing this week?  I hope you and your family has been able to get outdoors more.  I love the outdoors there is something magical about nature and children together!

      I've been reading a lot about self-care for ourselves, and the importance of it.  I believe in trying creative ways to get some time in for ourselves as parents.  It's very important to have a consistent flow of breaks as parents if possible.  I love that some families have self-care Saturdays, or Sundays to get a little extra TLC.

     This got me to thinking if we need self-care what about our children?  Maybe its not a bad idea to do self-care together, or schedule some time for the kids as well. These early practices would give them a head start to have regular healthy breaks that would be a part of their lives.  Here are a few self-care ideas that I like to use with children. 

Let me know in the comment field below if you use any of these, or if you discovered other techniques that worked for your children.



Find a Kids Yoga class in your city, or town that they would enjoy!  You may also find a class that you could join making this a total family self-care affair!!


This is another way for them to express themselves on paper and reflect on their day.  Allowing some time for kids to process, and capture moments for themselves is priceless.  Younger children could glue pictures instead of writing...... sort of like a mini vision board activity.

Spa-La-La Day

 A nice long bubble bath with music near by is always fun for kids especially if it's at a relaxing time, or day of the week.  

 Healthy Menu Planning Together

 The whole family could enjoy this activity for sure! Including them on the planning would also help to get more of those veggies in like a quick delicious smoothie.  AAAAAHHHHHHHH! 


I left this one for last because I know in most households this could be a bad word for most children.  The most common reason children do not want to rest, or nap is because they're afraid they are going to miss something.  They enjoy the day so much the mere thought of taking a break from fun is "no bueno" for them Lol. 

     We all know that rest is important for their development.  I have created, and tried different forms of rest time ideas particularly because one size does not fit all for children. 

     They're all growing at such a rapid pace and learning faster then I could even remember as a kid Lol.  Finding the best creative ways that fits your families need is the key for success.  I decided to go into more detail in a video for you and I hope these tips will help.




Summer Reading List for Children

Summer Reading List for Children